A suite of API endpoints that simplify the Solana NFT ecosystem.
With Comet's REST API, you can launch new NFT collections, distribute them quickly to your users, and see who owns what. Never worry about RPC nodes again – just get a Comet developer API key and start hacking!
Comet is currently on version 1 of the REST API. The base URL for all requests is
Unless specified otherwise, all API endpoints accept a Content-Type of application/json.

Comet Node SDK

Comet has a Node.js wrapper for the REST API here:


With the /collection endpoints, you can query existing NFT collections or launch new ones.


Once you've launched a new collection, start giving it out to your users! The /airdrop endpoints give fine-grained control over who receives which tokens.
With the /gallery endpoint, you can see which tokens any address or Comet user owns.


Quickly view your API usage with the /usage endpoint.