Start the process of minting a token.

If you want a custom minting experience without using the pre-existing MintButton component, you can also initiate the mint process for a customer with the useMint hook. This hook will open a payment modal (if necessary) and start minting a token to the user.


const { startMint } = useMint({ collectionId: "<COLLECTION ID>" });

Much like the MintButton component, you can supply collectionId to the useMint hook. If the user is not logged in, login will first be prompted.


import { useMint } from '@comet-labs/react';

function App() {
  const { startMint } = useMint({ collectionId: 'ac37722abd3b' });

  return (
    <div className="App">
      <button onClick={startMint}>
        Custom mint button

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