Sign any message with your customers' Comet wallet.

Since Comet accounts come with a built-in cloud wallet, you can use this wallet to cryptographically sign messages on behalf of the user using the useSignMessage hook. The user will be prompted to log in if necessary, and will be asked to confirm the message to be signed (similar to the flow for Metamask or Phantom wallets).


const { signMessage } = useSignMessage({ message: '<MESSAGE>' });

signMessage is a function that can be called later on, which will bring up the confirmation dialog. It returns a successful Promise containing the signed message, or a failed Promise if the user clicks "Cancel".


import { useSignMessage } from '@comet-labs/react';

function App() {
  const { signMessage } = useSignMessage({ message: 'gm world' });

  return (
    <div className="App">
      <button onClick={signMessage}>
        click here to sign message

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